Enterprise Living Plus Plan

The Enterprise Living Plus Plan is a “one-stop life insurance solution product” specifically designed to meet both the death and survival needs of the middle-class market.

This product seeks to provide an opportunity for “breadwinner” in this market segment to sustain the standard of living of their families when the misfortunes of life occur.

Product Features

  • Wide Scope of Cover
    • Core-Death, Total/Permanent Disability, Critical illness
    • Optional Risk Riders –Hospitalisation, Personal Accident Cover Funeral cover of which an individual can insure his/her parents for high as GH50, 000 per event. One can further add:
      • 1-week celebration cover
      • 40 days cover
      • Memorial cover
      • Optional Investment-Based Covers
      • Education Support Fund
      • Retirement Plan
      • Assets Acquisition Policy
      • Wide benefits range: Pre-determine in millions of Ghana Cedis especially on core covers
      • Cash Back Feature: A pre-determined percentage of premiums paid are returned if no claims are made over a defined period
      • Premium Payment structure flexibility
      • Benefit payment structure flexible either on an immediate or deferred basis or a hybrid
      • Waiver of Premium Benefit after age 65 until policyholder attains age 70
      • Convenient underwriting process

How it works

  • Policyholder has flexibility in determining which covers and riders are relevant
  • Policy can be structured on an accelerated or stand-alone basis
  • Benefits are paid out as lump sum
  • Policy application will be underwritten on a medical, financial, and occupational basis depending on the sum assured.


Claims Settlement

A very seamless claim process with some benefit payable within 24hours, subject to submission of relevant documents and a completed claim form.

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Enterprise Living Plus Plan

The Enterprise Living Plus Plan is a “one-stop life insurance solution product” specifically designed to meet both the death and survival needs of the middle-class market.

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